Go Hide in a Thicket Alpha Posted

Hey Everybody,

Itch asked me to post a devlog, so I will. I've been making this game for a long time on my own, and I really wanted to get some outside feedback on it. The game is turn based like a roguelike and it has the micro mechanics of a sokoban block sliding puzzle. However when you are sliding the blocks your end goal is to combine them into something that will help you progress through the dungeon. Each floor has a mini boss that holds the key to the next floor. The best way to do this right now is to learn to make life and then combine life with as many things as possible, until you have a minion army fighting for you.  

Please let me know any bugs, ideas, glitches, problems, criticism, or feedback that you may have. I really want to develop this game, but feel like I need some more feedback on the fun-ness. Also, if you have any ideas for fun combinations, let me know!


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May 04, 2020


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