Version 0.1.1 The Progression Update Released

Whew, I actually need to organize this this time. The changes in the new version are listed below, I focused a lot on laying a solid groundwork to keep working on the game's progression systems. Your minions now have levels and then can level up and become more powerful as time goes on.

V0.1.1 Changes

  • Changed the game's name to "[FIGHT]"
  • Addition of difficulty scaling based on how many turns you have played
  • Changed the art style to pixel art
  • Added a results screen at the end of each level to show your progression
  • Made the exit door open when a key touches it, but you dont have to leave until you interact with it (this is to stop you from being forced to leave the level)
  • Sheep have been replaced by pigs
  • Reworked UI
  • Added a new recipe for commands
  • Added multiple new recipes for banners
  • Removed bonus action reward when combining elements, each turn is now always a flat 10 actions


  • The backpacker idle range has been reduced from 8 to 5
  • Reduced friend power from 100 to 50
  • Backpacker can no longer be targetted


  • Fixed several crashes
  • Reduced the number of cases where items can overlap
  • Reduced spawner activation distance from 25 squares to 22


  • Added minion levels, each minion gains exp when they kill a monster and can level up between floors, making them stronger on the next floor
  • Added minions elemental types. Each element is strong to another element and weak to others. This has no benefit on game play yet since the bad guys have no elements.
    • Water Pixie - Water
    • Mermaid - Water
    • Robot - Earth
    • Golem - Earth
    • Fire Pixie - Fire
    • Unicorn - Air
    • Others - None
  • Changed minion AI to prioritize following banner commands
  • Reduced minion idle radius from 6 grid squares to 5
  • Your minions now gain experience based on the level of the dungeon you are on


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May 17, 2020
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May 17, 2020


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