Version 0.0.1 Released

I made a small update based on feedback from FluffeyPanda's World. Change log is below. Let me know what you think, I am still actively looking for feedback on every level of the game design! 


  • Changed the name to "untitled alchemy game"
  • Fixed extra block in one room
  • Removed dirt around lower floors to increase performance. This is the first step to eventually going back to web builds for increased accessibility
  • Made the backpacker follow the alchemist instead of you so he doesn't die as easily
  • Increased backpacker idle zone to 8 square radius from alchemist
  • Showed + and = in recipes to make it more clear how to combine items
  • Added a new tutorial that explains the life element, and how important it is
  • Changed UI so it is all using the same font
  • Fixed some depth sorting issues
  • You now keep the knowledge of the recipes you learned even after you lose
  • Added a lose state and game over screen so that when you lose the game doesn't just restart from the beginning

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May 06, 2020


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