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I'm still here
I am still working on the next update, which I hope will be the last one to focus exclusively on adding progression. In this update I am planning to add element...
Version 0.1.1 The Progression Update Released
Whew, I actually need to organize this this time. The changes in the new version are listed below, I focused a lot on laying a solid groundwork to keep working...
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Version 0.1.0 Released
I made a small update with a new idea I've been kicking around. It has 2 parts to it: 1. Parties I want you to recruit a "party" as you go through the dungeon...
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Version 0.0.1 Released
I made a small update based on feedback from FluffeyPanda's World . Change log is below. Let me know what you think, I am still actively looking for feedback on...
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Go Hide in a Thicket Alpha Posted
Hey Everybody, Itch asked me to post a devlog, so I will. I've been making this game for a long time on my own, and I really wanted to get some outside feedback...
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Really liked the mechanics of the game but I wish it wasn't a browser game I got some severe lag killing my progress int...
started by FluffeyPanda's World May 04, 2020
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